As I get started with this World of Warcraft talent guide; I want to mention that this is a general WoW talent guide and not a class specific talent guide. I wrote this guide only for brand new World of Warcraft player to help them with the unique World of Warcraft talent system.

This means that if you happen to be looking for something distinct such as what's the best talent to choose for you class then this is not the right guide for you, and I suggest you read my more class unique WoW guide.

Anyhow, the talent system in WoW is quite different than anything I have encounter before in many other MMORPG I’ve played before. If you would to ask me I would say that I really like World of Warcraft's talent system, and I think it is certainly something which Blizzard did right with the game.

Now, as a new player to WoW, it is extremely important that you get a good understand of how exactly the talent system works. The reason for that is very obvious, since what you do with your talents will significantly change how you experience the game, your character, and how fast you can level.

What the heck are Talents?

At first glance many new players will usually be lead to believe that talents are the spells or skills of your character which is completely not true. Overall most of the talent abilities are passive, and all they do is strengthen or enrich your spells or skills for your class; but there are a few skills that do come with certain talent abilities.

Understading the Talent System

The unique thing about the talent system is that you don't actually have access to it until you have reach level 10 on your character. And once you do hit level 10 you're reward with 1 talent point which you can put into one of the 3 talent trees available to your class.

Every class has 3 distinct talent trees and each tree is responsible to augment one aspects of your class. Let's take Warlock for example. Warlocks have Affliction, Demonology, and Destruction as their talent trees and spells.

So, if you decided to put your talents in the Affliction tree you'll become an Affliction Warlock since the Affliction talent will mostly improve your Affliction spells. The second and extremely important aspect that you must understand about talent trees in WoW is that once you spent your first point in to any particular talent tree it becomes your primary talent tree.

And every point you earn from that point forth must be spent into your primary talent tree, until you have spent at least 30 points into that tree first.

Now, if you made a mistake and spent your talent points on the wrong tree or you don't like your talent build right now, the only way to reset it is to pay your class trainer some gold.But, take into account that the price of resetting your talent points with your trainer is going to go up after every reset to a maximum of 50 gold.

So that wraps up my brief introduction to WoW talent trees, and if you’re looking for a more class specific talent guide that will tell you precisely where to place your points then check out World of Warcraft Guide.


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