Rogues are among the the most played class in World of Warcraft, and even for fantastic reasons. And also the reason why Rogues are such well-played class is very likely thanks to the fact that they are usually 1 of the fastest level class in addition to their capacity to deal an enormous amount of burst damages making use of their stealth and ambush capabilities.

On the other hand, the downside to playing the Rogue class in Wow is that often you’re more or less tied to one role exclusively. After all, Rogues has low hit point and can only wear Cloth and Leather armors which implies they are unable to be tanks, and so they do not have healing skills meaning they are unable to be healers either. So this pretty much puts Rogue in the damage dealing role only, unless you consider evasion tanking as a role for the Rogue but that rarely happens.

Consequently for somebody who would quickly lose interest of playing just one single role then Rogue may not be the proper class to suit your needs. However, if having only restricted responsibility doesn’t bother you then Rogue is a fantastic class to experience and plenty of entertaining especially during Player vs player combat.

In any case, in this WoW Rogue guide I’m going to summarize the Rogue combat system because it's most likely a little more complex then almost all other WoW classes, and that it is crucial for late game raiding and PvP.

Information On Rogue Combat System

Rogues in World of warcraft use a rather unique and somewhat innovative combat system that is not the same as all the other classes except for the Feral Druid in Cat form. They use energies rather than mana; they've got openers, finishing moves as well as a unique combo point system that requires a little bit of understanding initially.

An excellent Rogue ought to know appropriate energy management since if you don’t have energy you can’t use any of your skills. The tough component regarding managing your energies is due to the fact that you'll only possess a maximum of 100 energies for most of the time. Therefore, despite the fact that energies do replenish with time even during combat and efficient usage of your energy will certainly considerably raise your overall DPS as a Rogue.

The second special combat system that's available to the Rogue is finishing moves. A good Rogue should have appropriate knowledge of all his finishing moves and when each one should be performing under various situations. The reason is finishing moves are only able to be carried out if and only if you have at least one Combo point applied on your target, and as soon as your finishing move is performed the combo points are consumed.

To earn combo points you must successfully land your special attacks for example Sinister Strike. And every successful attack gives a combo point to your current target until a max of 5 combo point is attained. Once the combo point is used by your finish moves, you can begin to re-max 5 combo points again using your special attacks.

Now, ultimately all of Rogue’s combat system relies on appropriate energy management, and a proper high level Rogue shouldn't be out of energy for more than 4 seconds at any given time. So if you would like to learn more about Rogue then check out my other WoW guide.


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