Now that you've made a decision to play a Warlock in World of warcraft, and that’s superb due to the fact they’re definitely a whole lot of pleasure to play. Warlocks in Wow are magic casters who specialize in darkish or to be more exact shadow magic’s.

As a Warlock you’ll have accessibility to lots of powerful spells and skills which can be categorized down to 3 different talent trees and they're Affliction, Demonology, and Destruction. Each one of the Warlock’s trees is widely different from the others, and every one is designed for certain areas ofthe game. This is definitely why Warlock is my personal beloved mage caster class.

In this particular WoW Warlock guide, I will mainly go over the Demonology part of the Warlock class. It isn’t to say that the other 2 build or talent isn’t as essential or good because they're. Nonetheless what makes the Demonology spec is so unique in my opinion would be that it can be a entire talent tree that deals only with Warlock’s pets which is certainly what makes Warlock is unquestionably a exclusive class in the first place.

Demonology and Pets

Even though every Warlocks have the ability to, and are able to call forth almost all of their regular pets, Demonology Warlocks are generally more specialized in the area. All the Demonology talent abilities are strived to strengthen Warlock’s pet damages, and also the all in all survivability of the Warlock themselves.

Generally speaking Demonology Warlocks are usually not the fastest leveling spec for the Warlock, Affliction is. Having said that, Demonology Warlocks are not too far lurking behind the Affliction Warlock in-terms of leveling pace, though with increased survivability into the build.

Anyway, that said , let’s get in to what truly matters and that’s the 5 standard pets that is available for the Demonology Warlock.

Imps - The Imp pet is going to be all Warlocks’ first pet as soon as you arrive in the world of Azeroth. You might as think that the Imp pet isn't going to be a very strong pet, since you get it for free right away but that's far from the truth. Sure, Imps are not good for tanking since they are casters themselves and have little hit points, but they are the best pet that Warlock has for dealing damages.

Void Walker - A blue or I guess purplish elemental is going to be your 2nd pet. You can purchase the Void Walker pet spell with any Warlock Trainer once your reach level 8. This pet is probably going to be one of the most use pet for the Warlocks during questing, grinding, or leveling since it is the best pet for tanking or taking damages. There is however a downside to the Void Walker even though it is such a great pet for tanking, and that is that Void Walkers have very low DPS which makes them pretty useless for groups or raids.

Felguard - The Felguard is a unique Warlcok pet that is only available to Demonology Warlocks. Once you hit level 10 and by choosing Demonology as your primary specs you'll gain access to the Felguard pet. This pet is arguably the best regular pet for Warlock at least when it comes to leveling and dungeons, since they are great tanks as well as able to deal a lot of damages at the same time.

Succubus - Your next pet after Felguard will be the Succubus which can be purchased from your class trainer upon reaching level 20. Succubus is also another popular pet for most Warlocks, because it is able to help the Warlock manage any addition mobs with her abilities. But other than the crowd control abilities Succubus are not the best tanks, they're great for pvp though and deal decent damages.

Felhunter - Your last regular pet which can be purchased from your trainer at level 30 is the Felhunter pet. Felhunters are known for their ability to rip apart magic caster mobs with their high magic resistance. Felhunter are not good tanks, however they're great for dungeons, group, or raids due to their ability to raise all group member’s base intellect and mana regenerate.

That’s all for this guide, to understand more about the Warlocks take a look at this wow guides.


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