I have to admit Druid is my favorite class in World of Warcraft out of the 10 available classes to choose from. So, out of the love for the class I decided to write a short wow druid guide that will provide some very basic information to help new Druid players.

Anyway, the point of this WoW guide is to provide some general information on Druid to help new players decided whether Druid is the right class for them, and not an advance Druid tactics guide. So here is what you can except out of this guide: I'm going to cover all four of the main Shapeshifting form that Druid has and the role that is associated with each form.

Druid Overview and Forms

In terms of role versatility there is no other class that I can think of in WoW that is as flexible as Druids. Druids can easily fit in to any playing style or "role" that World of Warcraft has to offer with exception of maybe Hunters. Now, the reason why Druids are so flexible with their role is because they're a hybrid class, but also due to their ability to Shapeshift in to different forms.

As a Druid you’re able to shapeshift into four main forms, and they are Cat from, Bear form, Moonkin form, and Tree of Life form. However, apart from the 4 primary forms there are 4 more utility forms that all Druid have access to and they are Flight, Travel ground, Travel Water, and Swift Flight form. Ok, now that we have a good idea what the 4 main forms are for Druid, let’s talk about them in more detail below.

Cat Form Druids - Once you reach level 10 with your Druid, you'll be able to shapeshift in to Cat Form. This is a melee base from which means you'll be in face to face combats with your opponents. An unique feature that is only available in cat form is the ability to stealth and deal massive amount of damage from your opponent's back. And as a result of that many player refer to Cat form Druid as Rogue Druids.

Bear Form Druids - As a Bear Druid you'll either find yourself as a tank or dealing damages, but because of the fact that there are many skills that increases Bear Druid's defense, hit points, and overall tanking abilities most Bear Druid are tanks. One of the downside to playing a Bear form Druid is that they use the rage system just like Warriors in World of Warcraft. This means that upon shapeshifting into the bear form most of your skills will be unusable since won't have any rage to use the skills with.

Moonkin Form Druids - Different from Bear and Cat form, Moonkin form is a unique form which requires your Druid to be specialized in the Balance spec of the talent tree in order to have access to this form. The reason why is that while you're in Moonkin form, all your Nature and Arcane spell will increase in damages decrease in casting time. This is why Moonkin form Druids is magical damage dealers similar to a Mage.

Tree of Life Form Druids - The Tree of Life form requires that your Druid has chosen the resoration branch as his/her primary talent spec or else you won't be able to access this form. Something else to note about the Tree of Life form is that it's not really a form, but more like a buff that lasts for only 31 second. However, once activated it all your healing spells will be enhanced which makes Tree of Life Form Druids ideal healers.

That's all for this Druid form guide, if you like it and want more free wow guide check out wow guides.


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