Warriors in Worlds of Warcraft is more than your standard damage absorbing, agro holding tank role class like it is in many other MMORPG. Warriors in WoW are able to take on 2 different roles, one is your traditional tanking role, the other being DPS role. Generally speaking Warriors are amazing at both roles, and which role you want to play all depends on which talent spec you choose to go.

Abilities and Talents

In WoW, Warriors are able to specialize in 3 areas of talents and they are Arms, Flury, and Protection. Each of the 3 talent is aimed to improve either the DPS aspect of a Warrior or the tanking aspect of a Warrior. If you want to play a DPS Warrior the choose either Flury or Arms talents, but if you like to tank and lead then go with the Protection talent tree.

Arms - Although the Arms Warrior is built for dealing damages, their overall DPS will not be as good as a Flury Warrior. One of the key differences between the Arms Warrior and the Flury Warrior is that Arms Warrior specializes in two hand weapons, while Flury Warriors are good with dual weapons. But don't let the slightly less DPS get to you because while Flury Warriors are great at DPS they're more squishy and not as good as Arms Warrior in all PvP situations.

Flury - If you want to level faster then play a Flurry Warrior. Flurry Warriors are much like Rogue minus the stealth and back stabbing abilities, where they rely on attack speed and high critical chance to deal a lot of damages. One of the coolest abilities that is limited to the Flury Warrior should you choose to go that route is their ability to dual wield 2 weapons. Having the ability to swing two weapons back to back really increases Flury Warriors attack speed as well as their DPS.

Protection - If you don't like to solo, or quest too much and enjoy taking the lead for dungeons and raid then you'll probably want to play a Protection Warrior. All protection skills are geared to improve the Warriors defensive abilities, taunt or agro holding abilities, and skills that would provide extra protection to your group members. Lastly protection Warriors are the worse build for leveling up, questing, or any sort of solo play due to their low DPS. However since Protection Warriors are tanks, and they’re usually highly in demand for dungeons, you will have a much shorter queue with the dungeon finder.

Stances Explained

Apart from the 3 core Warrior talent/core ability of Flury, Arms, and Protection, Warriors also has 3 different stances to go with all their abilities. Stances are a very important part of Warriors game play in WoW. The 3 stances for the Warrior are Battle Stance, Defensive Stance, and Berserker Stance.

Here is how stances work; at any moment whether you're in combat or not your Warrior is able to use 1 out of 3 stances that he has. And depending on which stance is activated some of your skill will be greatly improved while other will be greatly hinder or not available.

Battle Stance - Your very first and basic stance you're going to have is called the Battle stance. The Battle stance is a pretty neutral stance that generally is good for all Warriors regardless of role, spec, or build.

Defensive Stance - Your 2nd stance as a Warrior is going to be a defensive stance which will improve all your tanking abilities. The problem with defensive stance is that unless you're playing a Protection Warrior it is pretty useless.

Berserk Stance - Last but not least we have the Berserker stance. This stance is kind of like the Battle stance expect that it increases your damage out put a little more and does not increase your defensive ability at all. Overall if you’re playing a Flury or Arms Warrior this is the stance to go. if you want learn how to level your Warrior faster or a more comprehensive WoW Warrior guide then check out this WoW guide now!

thumb|500px|left|WoW Warrior Video Guide

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